Tuesday, March 1, 2011

someday, I'll be livin' in a big ol' city*

I'm super super sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but I was super super busy.  Do I sound super super cheery?  Don't ask me why, cuz I honestly don't know.
Anyway, I thought I'd take a break from the princess outfits, and give you a real OOTD, so here it is.


So I got this cobalt blue dolman from 2b bebe when I went to Woodbury Commons over my President's Week Break (I'll eventually post that haul later.  Since it's outlets, it's hard to find pictures online, which means I'm gonna have to take them on my own, which means it's going to take awhile.).  Anyway, I decided to wear it because it's really soft and flowy and I love it.  And I paired it with my acid wash skinnies from PacSun, but I think any gray skinny jeans would work.  I topped it off with my pearl cluster necklace from Wet Seal and my BRAND NEW UGGS.  Also bought from Woodbury Commons.  I love love love the feeling of new UGGs, when the fur on the inside is so soft and fluffy and untouched.  Oh, I could write a poem about it.  I quickly smudged my Binge 24/7 Pencil around my eyes, and that was it.  And when I wore this (yesterday) it actually did rain, by the way.


So, my lovelies, tell me what you think.  You know I love to hear it.  Do you like outlet shopping?

Love, Lex.

{ Happy Pig Day! }

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