Monday, February 14, 2011

Weekly Goals, Volume III


It's a new week, my dears!
That means it's time for some...WEEEEEKLYYYY GOOOAALLLSSS!!!  Imagine me saying that in a deep, booming announcer voice.

~Last Week's Goals~

Come up with ways to incorporate my summer wardrobe into winter.

Color combinations:  black/white/yellow, purple/yellow, blue/orange

Find ways to use my Bedazzler.

Remove my current nail polish.

Post my most recent NOTD.

Make a collage for my locker.

Upload music from old CD's.

Organize my bulletin board.

Transfer 1st semester notes out of binders.

Polish my silver jewelry.


As you can see, I had no time this past week, But I'll try to keep working.
Honestly, I'm already feeling overwhelmed just looking at this list, so I'm not going to add anymore.  Instead, I'll get my NOTD post up.  Deal?  Deal.

Love, Lex.

Mood:  stressed!
Song:  "Grenade" - Bruno Mars

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