Monday, February 7, 2011

Weekly Goals: 2nd Edition

It's a new week, lovelies!  Time for my latest weekly goals.
But first, we reflect on last week (strikethrough means the goal has been completed)...

~Last Week's Goals~

Tidy/Organize entire bedroom.

Come up with ways to incorporate my summer wardrobe into winter.

Start wearing more accessories.

Color combinations: black-and-white with orange, yellow, or red; purple/yellow; blue/orange.

Keep updating my lookbook.

Make a DIY scarf.

Find ways to use my Bedazzler

Lemme count...that's four out of seven.  More than half, but I hope that this week, I'll be better than that.  I actually came up with an outfit using black/white/yellow, but I couldn't find my black leggings, so it didn't work out too well.  Let's move on to this week...

~Weekly Goals~

Come up with ways to incorporate my summer wardrobe into winter.  And then translate these ideas into an outfit.

Color combinations:  black/white/yellow, purple/yellow, blue/orange.

Find ways to use my Bedazzler.  Do you have any ideas you can share with me, dolls?

Remove my current nail polish.  Oh, and I need to get around to posting my most recent NOTD.  And I think I'm going to give my nails a break from polish, maybe give them a strengthening treatment.

Make a collage for my locker.  It needs some pizazz.

Upload music from all my old CD's.  I want to create some CD art, maybe.

Organize my bulletin board.  I have a magnetic board and it tends to get covered with random papers that I'm too lazy to put away.  

Finish transferring all my pre-midterm notes out of my notebooks/binders.  It's the second semester, time for some spring cleaning!

Polish all my silver jewelry.  I finally bought some silver polish, now all I have to do is actually use it.

That's all for now, what are you lovelies doing this week?

Love, Lex.

Mood: slightly overwhelmed
Song:  "Club Can't Handle Me (feat. David Guetta)" - Flo Rida

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