Thursday, February 17, 2011

OOTD: Easy Basics

Let me start by saying, this outfit is the easiest thing on the planet.  You probably have every single piece in your closet already.  Start with your favorite skinny jeans.  Or the ones you hate the most.  It doesn't really matter, as long as they're skinny jeans and they're a basic shade of blue.  Now, find a lace-trim tank.  I'm sure you have one.  Dig a little.  If you really can't find one, any solid color tank will work, but I think the lace adds some detail.  Oh, and make sure it's bright, otherwise you'll just look like a boring blob.  Next, you will need a white henley.  Or a deep v-neck, or any other solid white shirt that will show the tank top.  Then, you're going to need a long necklace.  Mine has feathers.  Maybe yours has bows, or hearts, or jellyfish, who knows.  Just make sure it doesn't have any color, and it should hit below the exposed area of the tank top.  I like cluster necklaces best, but that's just my preference.  Pull on some comfy UGGs, and that's it.  Seriously, that's it.
The key part of this outfit is that tank top.  It's the only bright color, so it draws attention upwards.  It's like magic.
With this outfit, I just wore basic brown eyeliner, barely visible, but just enough to make my lashes look a little thicker.  That's all you need to do!
You're welcome. :)

Love, Lex.

Mood:  easygoing
Song:  "Better Than Revenge" - Taylor Swift

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