Sunday, February 20, 2011

Inspired By...Belle!

Our first princess is Belle from Beauty and the Beast.  She lives in a small French village and is constantly tormented by an egotistical man named Gaston trying to win her affection.  One day, her father, Maurice gets lost in the woods and wanders into the Beast's castle.  The Beast finds him and throws him in the dungeon.  When Maurice doesn't return, Belle is worried and searches for him.  She finds her way to the castle and promises to stay in the castle instead of her father.  The Beast allows her to, and gives her a room.  She meets the servants, who are disguised as household objects.  Maurice returns to the village, asking for help to save his daughter.  The villagemen call him crazy, so he goes to search alone.  Belle finds out that her father is lost in the woods, and the Beast lets her go find him.  When she returns Maurice to the village, Gaston asks for her hand in marriage or else he will take her father to the asylum.  She refuses, telling him about the Beast.  Gaston convinces the village that the Beast is a threatening monster, and the go to kill him.  When they arrive, the Beast lets Gaston fight him because he doesn't think that he will ever see Belle again.  Gaston stabs the Beast just in time for Belle to arrive.  When Belle sees the Beast dying, she sobs, whispering that she loves him.  These words cure the Beast, lifting his curse.  He comes back to life, the servants become human again, the castle's beauty is restored, and the Beast turns into a handsome prince.  Him and Belle live happily ever after.


~Outfit #1~

The first outfit is Belle's daytime wear.  She wears a white puff-sleeved shirt with a blue dress and a white apron as she goes through life in the village.  I swapped out the dress/shirt combo for trendy wide leg trouser jeans and a white eyelet tunic.  I paired it with suede platform pumps and a leather hobo bag (much more chic than Belle's basket!).  For the yes, I think a simple brown kohl pencil will work and throw on an Eiffel Tower necklace because she is French, after all.


~Outfit #2~

The second outfit is based on Belle's gold ball gown.  It's a gorgeous tiered, off-shoulder dress.  I replaced it with a ruffled one-shoulder dress.  I wanted to go for a boho-y vibe with this outfit, so I added green suede wedges and brown accessories.  To emulate the symbolic rose, I chose dark pink nail polish and a matching lip stain.  Throw in a bronze smokey eye, and done.


So, what do you think?  Do you like Belle's style?  Tell me in the comments!

Love, Lex.

{Happy Clam Chowder Day!}

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