Thursday, January 13, 2011

OOTD/FOTD/NOTD: Purple Thursday

Happy Thursday, lovelies!  I'll be posting my weekly TILT later, but for now I wanted to show you my outfit.  It was another one of those cozy chic kinda looks, and I was warm and comfortable all day!  I paired my favorite cardigan--the gray one from Love Culture, with some basic black leggings.  Mine are opaque and I think they're thicker than most.  They're the cotton kind--not that shiny fabric.  I added a soft heather purple tank top from Gap with lace trim.  This one is close to it, but the lace trim on mine is cream-colored.  I tucked my leggings into my UGGs to stay warm, and tossed on a long necklace to jazz it up a lil' bit.

EOTD:  Purple Smoke
This look is pretty bright and quite shimmery.  You could tone it down with a matte purple, or switch out the dark purple for a more lavenderish color, but here's what I did.

  1. Prime the lid as you usually would.  I use CoverGirl TRUconceal (1).
  2. Using a small eyeshadow brush (2), cover the lid with a shimmery pearl shadow (3).
  3. Using an angled crease brush (4), create an outer V with a dark purple shadow (5).  This one from the Shany palette is a very deep, vivid, pure purple.
  4. Pick up some lighter purple (6) with the other side of the small eyeshadow brush (2) and use it to blend the dark purple with the pearl.
  5. Line the lower waterline with a black pencil (7).
  6. Using a smudge brush (8), drag some dark purple (5) along the outside third of your lower lashline, connecting it to the outer V.
  7. Clean the smudge brush (8), and use it to apply the shimmery purple (3) to your tear duct.
I actually forgot mascara and didn't feel like lip gloss (don't ask me why...I just wasn't feelin' it), but you could add that if you want.

NOTD:  The DVD that Blue Me Away!
I did a subtle sponge gradient yesterday (we had a snow day).  I used Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue Me Away! as the base and sponged on Sally Hansen HD in DVD on the tips.  It came out gorgeous and was very easy.  I'll post the tutorial and some pictures tomorrow probably.

What I'm Feeling:  gloomy...our house is so bare since we took down all the Christmas decorations yesterday.  It's kinda depressing :(
What I'm Hearing:  the heat blasting cuz baby, it's cold outside!

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