Saturday, January 1, 2011

OOTD/FOTD/NOTD: New Year's Eve

Happy New Year Everyone!  My NYE was great, how was yours?  My best friend's family hosted a party.  First, we went bowling.  It sounds lame, I know, but it was actually really fun.  The bowling alley had all their lights flashing and music playing, and it was a blast even though I can't bowl for my life.  After that, we went to their house for the party and we hung out until it was time to watch the ball drop.  I attempted pool, which was...unpleasant.  And embarassing.  I actually wore 2 different outfits--one for the bowling part, then we went home so my mom could bake the cake that she was bringing, so I changed while she was baking.  The bowling outfit was pretty simple--gray yoga pants, a tiedye sweater over a navy blue v-neck, and UGGs.  I really liked my 2nd outfit/face, so I'll show you that one.

OOTD:  This was a comfortable, yet stylish outfit (my favorite kind!).  I started with my two of my favorite pieces:  my AE skinny jeans and my Love Culture cardigan.  Under the cardigan I had this butterfly tank, also from American Eagle.  I actually found this at Marshall's.  I accessorized with a hat like this one from Forever21, but mine was from Payless.  I also had on a turquoise arrowhead necklace that my dad had brought me as a souvenir from his business trip to Texas.  This heart-shaped turquoise pendant is also really cute.  

FOTD:  This was pretty simple, and I wore it for both the bowling and the party.  I used the Electric pencil from my UD Jackpot set on my upper lashline and my CoverGirl Liquiline Blast on my lower waterline.  I also  had on the mascara and lip gloss from the NP Set I got for Christmas.  

NOTD:  the teal water marble that I did on Thursday with For Audrey & Cuckoo For This Color.  

What did you do for New Year's Eve?  And what did you wear?

P.S.  I finally figured out how to do text on Polyvore.  You like?

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