Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Mini-Haul/Outfit Idea: Blue & White

Oh god, I haven't posted in like...a week.  I've been busy...and procrastinating.  So to make up for it, I'm giving you dolls an outfit idea to go with my mini-haul!
I've been searching for a wool coat for awhile.  I had a black North Face and a black bomber from Delia's, so I've been looking for something a little bit brighter.  I originally wanted to get a white/cream-colored one, but I realized that would get dirty too easily, so I decided to get a blue coat instead.  On Sunday, I headed over to Burlington Coat Factory.  After searching through the racks, I finally found the perfect one.  It was the Maralyn & Me Short Woolen Peacoat with Four Pockets (the blue coat in the picture).  It fits me perfectly, and is absolutely amazing.
After that, I was at Ski Barn because my sister needed new ski pants.  While waiting for her to try them on, I started playing around with hats.  There was this insane blue suede one with white fur all over it, and ear flaps, and huge pom poms coming down from it.  But I realized I would never wear that, so I got the sensible white Dakine hat instead.
That's it for my mini-haul (yeah, it was a really mini-haul).  I put together a preppy-cozy kinda outfit using the coat and hat.  I added a white long-sleeved Abercrombie v-neck tucked into a blue floral skirt from Mandee. Wear it with opaque black tights for warmth and black suede boots for warmth.  I chose over-the-knee heeled ones to keep it fresh and trendy, but your favorite black boots would work.
What coat are you rockin' this season?

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