Thursday, January 27, 2011

List: How an iPod Touch Will Help You Style-Wise

Oh hey there, stranger, remember me?  Midterms are finally over, so I'm back!  I was trying to cram in some last -minute studying this morning, so I don't have any good looks to post today (but in case you were wondering, I've got on black skinny jeans and my favorite blue tshirt along with some simple black liner).  Instead, I came up with this list.

~How an iPod Touch (or any smartphone) Will Help You Style-Wise~

ChicFeed, one of my favorite apps.  ChicFeed is a blog that features pictures (just pictures) from a bunch of different fashion blogs (The Sartorialist, Face Hunter, Jak And Jill Blog, Cherry Blossom Girl, LookBook, and altamira).  I like to scroll through it for fashion inspiration, and screenshot the looks I like.  I've even made some outfits modeled after the looks I've seen!

YouTube.  Ahhh, youtube.  How I love thee youtube.  It's an endless resource of nail, hair, and makeup tutorials.  I search for potential looks while I'm getting dressed and eating breakfast, favorite the ones I like, then replay them while I'm doing my makeup.  I've found some really easy nail art designs and hair how-tos too.

Blog/Magazine Apps like PopSugar, Glamour, and Beauty Grub bring you fashion and beauty inspiration in the palm of your hand!  (Do I sound like a commercial?)  This way you can catch up on your reading while on the go.

Glamzy!  Ever done a makeup look that looked great on you, but then forgot what you did later?  This little app lets you create looks on blank face charts and save them to your device.  It's like Paint, but for makeup!  It's got tons of eye, lip, and cheek colors and you can zoom and blend to your heart's content.

TotalBeauty Reviews.  It's the same reviews you see on, but delivered on your iPod.  So next time you're in the beauty aisle, wondering whether that gorgeous new lipgloss is worth it, you can check this handy little app and see what others have to say about it.  

Wet Seal iRunway, another favorite.  This app features outfits from The Runway on Wet Seal.  These are outfits made by other shoppers using Wet Seal clothes.  You can copy these looks or just use them as inspiration.  Either way, I love Wet Seal and I love this app :)


And, a little bonus:
~Apps I'd Like To See~

- Polyvore
- something like the TotalBeauty app, but with swatches
- a free color wheel app, with color combinations that work well together


What are your favorite apps?

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