Thursday, January 13, 2011

Awkward and Awesome Thursday!

I lalalalove Sydney from The Daybook.  Her blog is fashion and funny all rolled into one.  And she does this cute little weekly special called Awkward and Awesome Thursday, and it makes me laugh every week, so I thought I'd share my Awkward and Awesomes :)

  • When the room is completely silent.  And then you get the sniffles.  And you just have to sniff, or that glob of snot is gonna be running down your face.  And you try to do it as quietly as possible.  But of course it comes out as loud as a bomb explosion.  And everyone in the room pops their head up and turns to you.  And you try to look down like you have no idea what just happened.  But everyone else knows it was you.  
  • When you're waiting for a friend at their locker, and you're kinda just standing there in the middle of the hallway while people are trying to get around you, but most of the time, they just end up bumping into you.
  • Trying to carry on a conversation with someone while walking down a narrow hallway/sidewalk so that the other person is behind you.  You basically have two options at this point:  turn your head sideways so you're somewhat angled towards the person, and walk with your sideways head , or keep your head forward so everyone else thinks you're talking to yourself.  Awkward either way.
  • Zoning out, then ending up staring at someone for a really long time, to the point that they start wondering why the hell you're staring at them.  
  • Remembering something really funny that happened earlier, then busting out laughing about it, and everyone around you just stares at you, like why is she laughing?
  • When some idiot decides to pull the fire alarm in the middle of lunch and you have to walk outside and stand in line in the freezing cold while holding the giant poster paper that you were on your way to your locker with.  (This one was actually my friend).
  • Watching TV with your younger sister who hasn't gotten her period yet when a tampon commercial comes on and she asks you what a tampon is.
  • A paper cut on your nose.
  • Soft flannel comforters that make you never want to leave your bed.
  • Blue Bunny ice cream.  So creeammmyyy.
  • Purple pens.  It makes taking notes a lil bit less boring.
  • Kickboxing.  You get a workout, and it really helps you get your anger out.
  • Orange juice.  It's healthy and bright and tangy and delicious and its like...a smile, in liquid form :)
  • Earrings that jingle when you turn your head.  Not in that obnoxious clanging way, but in that light little tinkly way.
  • That one pair of sweatpants that's so perfectly baggy and oh-so-soft that you want to wear them everywhere even if you look like a dude.


  1. I love the daybook! I just did my list too I love love loveeeee flannel, especially in comforter form. mmmm soooo lovely

  2. the remembering something funny and then laughing about it later thing always happens to me! super awkward...especially when it hits me in class! and i totally agree about purple pens, basically any colored pens, definitely make note taking a little better!

  3. @Candace: Same here!

    @Amy: Ha ha, I've gotten death glares from teachers when I start laughing in class! I love colored pens, but purple is definitely my favorite.