Monday, December 20, 2010

OOTD/FOTD/NOTD: Black n' Blue

Today was one of those ohmygod-i-have-nothing-to-wear mornings.  It was not pleasant, but I suppose it turned out okay.  The theme was black and blue (sounds painful, huh?  I guess that fits because I did my first plyo workout yesterday, and my quads would be screaming in agony right now if they could).

OOTD:  Sporty Blues
The main piece of this look was an old Nike zip-up jacket from my tomboy phase that I recently found.  It's got black sleeves, black trim, and black side panels (I'm not really sure what to call them.  It's the part on your side that goes from your armpit to your hip.  This jacket has a slimming effect because the side panels are black).  The rest is white except for black and blue stripes over the chest.  Under that I had a gray tank from New York & Company.  I had on black sued boots pulled over Bullhead Solana Extreme Skinny Black Jeans from PacSun.  I was too tired to think about accessories :( ...I also didn't notice the yellowish splotch on the front of my jacket until I got to school

FOTD:  Smokish with a Pop of Blue

I really like the way this eye look came out.  I bought this SHANY Super Shimmer Eyeshadow Kit, which is a set of three eyeshadow palettes from Shany.  I use this kit in most of my posts, so I'll have a picture in each labelling which colors I used from it (see those little numbers?).  I'll probably post a review eventually, along with my Ecotools 6-Piece Eye Brush Set.  Basically, theres a "Brights" palette, a "Neutrals" palette, and a "Cool" palette (those are the words I'm using to describe it, because Shany doesn't give any of them names).  So, here's what I did.

  1. I use CoverGirl TRUConceal Concealer as a primer (I bought the wrong shade so I can't use it as a normal concealer).
  2. I used one side of the petite eyeshading brush to apply a bright blue (1) from the Cool palette on the inner half of my upper lid.
  3. I used the other side of the brush to apply a dark, shimmery gray (2) from the Brights palette over the rest of my lid, blending it with the blue.
  4. I used the angled crease brush to blend some of the gray (2) into my crease.
  5. I used the smudge brush to apply the bright blue (1) in the inner corner of both my upper and lower lashline.  The pop of blue really brightens your eyes.
  6. To add some definition to the lower lid, I lined my lower waterline/lashline with CoverGirl Liquiline Blast Eyeliner in Black Fire.
Overall, this was kinda smoky, but light enough for daytime, with a bright pop of blue, and it matched my outfit pretty well.  

NOTD:  China Glaze, Ruby Pumps
I got this from Sally Beauty Supply on Black Friday (I also got a free mini flat iron, which is perfect for my bangs!).  I absolutely love love love this color.  It's so festive and perfect for Christmastime.  It's a deep, glass-flecked red.  With two coats, you get a lighter, almost like a dark pink color.  But at 3-4 coats, it turns deeeeeep.  I am absolutely in love with this color.  IN. LOVE.  

That's all for now, I'm going Caroling for Key Club tonight at the local senior home!

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