Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I Love Thursday

Ohmyglitter, it's New Year's Eve!
While everyone else in blogworld is posting fabulous, sparkle-filled outfits, I'll be rocking jeans and a hoodie most likely, because my NYE plans are bowling and then dinner at my best friend's house.  Not that there's anything wrong with bowling and house parties...but I kinda wanted to get all dressed up, ya know?  
Whatever, my little issues are not the point of this blog post.
Wouldn't you like to know my point?

My point is, it's Things I Love Thursday!
And I know you're wondering, what is Things I Love Thursday?  And why does it deserve italics? 
Well stop wondering, because I'm about to tell you.  Things I Love Thursday is a weekly thingy where I will post random bits of nonsense that make me smile.  And maybe, if you feel like it, you could post things you love?  Eh, it's just an idea.

Things I Love
  • This random little bell I just found.  It's on a red ribbon, and it looks like it should be part of some elaborate jingling thing, but it's just a lonely little bell.  And I randomly feel the urge to jingle it every now and then.  And it makes me smile, and wish that Christmas didn't end so soon.
  • The blizzard we just had.  I love the look of everything covered in snow.  And I do mean everything, because we got at least a foot.  Considering it's the first snow of the season, it's not too shabby.
  • The water marbling I did yesterday on my nails.  I'll post pics later, once I get around to cleaning up the edges.
  • Twinkle lights.  I just love twinkle lights.  With their soft little glow, they make me feel all cozy inside.
  • Vaseline.  It's a little multi-tasking wonder, I tell you.  I may just have to make a post on the wonders of Vaseline.
  • The peacefulness of my house right now.  Everyone else is upstairs and I'm sitting here, typing away at the computer desk with the twinkle lights over the mantle in my peripheral vision.
  • Fuzzy slippers.  I think that if people wore fuzzy slippers all day instead of shoes, the world would be a much happier place.
  • Icing.  If you left me in a room alone with a tub of icing, it would be gone by the time you came back.  I mean, licked clean.  And there would be icing in my hair, on my nose, and possibly down my shirt.
  • Beanies.  I need to get me a beanie.
  • Fingerless gloves.  They're just perfect for texting while still keeping your hands warm.
  • The absolute cheesiness of Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide.  My sister just came down and started watching it.  It's a full-on cheesefest, let me tell you.
That's all for now, dear readers.  What do you love?

P.S. Oh hey, I just realized the acronym for Things I Love Thursday is TILT.  And the italics, they're tilting.  

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